Six Flags UX Projects

While at Six Flags I had the opportunity to partner with the Customer Experience team, Marketing, Branding, and Revenue Management as a UX Lead.

My work focused on cross-functional digital growth accomplished through testing, UI design, product & content development, conversion optimization, and CMS management.

Below is an overview of projects worked on during my time with the team.

Documentation and Training

Serving as the connection between marketing, dev, and our users, a large portion of my responsibility was to develop and conduct opportunities for team members to grow.

I believe that every contributing member of an org can apply UX thinking to achieve optimized outcomes. Through hosting UX and conversion focused learning sessions I witnessed several departments experience ongoing growth!

As part of this effort I developed a series geared towards non-creative daily producers in charge of approving design work.

Here Are a Few Examples:

Maximizing Design - Creating High Converting Assets

Maximizing Design - Be the User

Navigation Redesign

In an effort to optimize user experience, especially on mobile the SEO team and I launched the Navigation Redesign Project.

Redesign Approach:

  • Improve Speed to Comprehension Through Neutral Color Palette and Iconography
  • Increase Conversion by Exposing Tickets and Hours Links
  • Optimize Taxonomy
  • Focus on Mobile First Layout


Analysis Methods:

  • Taxonomy Card Sorting Test Completed with Our Six Flags Loyalty Members
  • Comprehensive Competitor Visual Audit Used to Guide Stakeholder Requirement Workshops
  • Site Performance Analysis Using Google Analytics
  • User Engagement Analysis Using Session Replay and Heatmaps

Example of Mobile Competitor Visual Audit

Screenshot of Competitor Analysis Visuals


Following a month long research phase which included requirements gathering, I moved to the design phase. All finite UI and hierarchy decisions were made based on data gathered from stakeholders, users, and competitors.

Design Work Included:

  • Developing High-Fidelity Wireframes for the Complete User Journey
  • Conducting Executive Leadership Workshops to Finalize the Layouts
  • Creating Dev Ready Design Deliverables and Documentation in XD
  • Collaborating with Project Manager to Write Technical Requirements and User Stories

Sampling of UI Mocks

Screenshot of navigation UI mockups for redesign


When it came time to push the changes in to production, my front-end skills allowed me to technically support the Dev Team through launch.

Collaboration with IT Included:

  • Defining Functionality Requirements
  • Preforming QA & UAT
  • Troubleshooting and Debugging
  • Providing Front-End Launch Support
  • Gathering Post-Launch Performance Data
  • Creating Tickets for Ongoing Product Enhancement

Operating Calendar Update

Users of spend a large amount of time using the calendar to help plan their visit. The landing page is one of the top visited experiences on the site.

Update Approach:

  • Focus on the Mobile Layout to Ensure Content Could Be Scanned Quickly
  • Apply Simplified Layout and Hierarchy to Increase Speed to Comprehension
  • Reduce Scrolling by Removing Unnecessary Copy or Relying on Pop Up Modals

Research & Design

Research Included:

  • Compilation of Friction Points Identified Through Session Replays
  • Bounce Rate and Exit Data Analysis from Google Analytics
  • Click Data from VWO Heatmaps

This project followed a similar cadence as the Navigation Redesign including designing UI mockups, executive workshops, and delivering finalized files to the Dev Team.


Screenshot of calendar landing page prior to update


Screenshot of proposed calendar layout with updated UI

Landing Page Redesign

The member landing page serves as a hub for existing users to find account assistance, billing, and login information.

Redesign Focus:

  • Update Hierarchy to Surface Help Links Sooner
  • Maximize Layout Through Simplified Design to Increase Conversion
  • Update with Bespoke Imagery to Convey Relevant Content
  • Align Visual Content to New Branding Efforts


  • Decreased Bounce Rate

Before and After

Image showcasing before and after redesign of member landing page

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