Melissa-Ann Dailey smiling and waving while standing in front of a pink background

I am Melissa-Ann Dailey, a UX Engineer from Omaha, NE.

My most recent work has been with Nebraska Furniture Mart where I develop some of the companies highest converting digital solutions. I am responsible for leading stakeholders and producers through the omni-channel design and development process using Agile methodologies with a focus on Research, ADA Compliance and Implementation. Leading the team through a platform migration while reacting to rapid site growth during COVID, has taught me how to rally the troops to overcome traditional roadblocks in order to execute ground-breaking solutions. I am energized by the intersection between the science of data and the art of design.

Graduating from Interface Web School with a focus on Front-End Web Design provided me the hands on tools to develop functional digital experiences.

With of experience growing B2B, B2C, and franchised businesses in the retail and luxury travel industries, I have a deep understanding of what means to answer directly to the customer for the experience I provide. This non-traditional career path gives me a strong advantage against my peers. I embrace all possibilities and apply my insatiable curiosity to the solutions I create.

In my downtime I can be found hanging out with my Yorkie, Max, while experimenting with healthy dessert recipes or swimming.



I enjoy illustrating when I am not designing digital experiences.

Brightly colored digital illustration of Frida Kalho relaxing in a chair
Digital Illustration of Yorkie with his mouth widely open on light pink background
Brightly colored abstract digital illustration of a person

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